Well, it’s been over 30 years but the song still lives on.

Introducing a new version of Dark Horse’s power ballad, performed by Paddy Cummings and the Homebodies, part of the “11 Degrees – Songs of Melbourne” project where songs from various songwriters in Melbourne are given a fresh new perspective.

For those that don’t know Paddy, he is my older brother and fellow former Dark Horse band mate. The song was written by our singer, Stuart Black way back in the late eighties, though the words still ring true today.

Paddy decided to run this project to let the public hear great songs that, at times, fall beneath the cracks and get lost. All the songs on this project are recorded solely in isolation at each other’s locations and sent to Paddy who mixes them into what you hear today – amazing really.

Agenda 21 (Fields) is a special song to me, from watching Stuart, Paddy, Dave and Brad belting it out in Minor Detail in the 80’s to playing and recording it myself with Paddy and Stuart in Dark Horse, along with Ralf and Marco. Music is full of memories, this one, for me, is an incredibly happy one.

I have linked both the new and old version of the song for you to have a listen to – I hope you enjoy. Vocals and keys by Paddy, vocals are also provided by my niece Claire, bass and mandolin by good friend Mark Brunott and everything else… drums, guitars, arrangement was done by the amazingly talented Brett Wood.

Have a look and follow this fantastic project on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/11degreesproject

There are already 4 other songs with 7 more to go… including one of mine I believe. What an honour.

Enjoy – PC out